Friday, March 2, 2012

Shwetha Menon Wet Saree Photos From Samayam

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Wet saree pictures are a staple in Indian cinema. Directors have used the wet saree to convey sensuality and sexuality in the face of India's tough censorship laws for over fifty years. Although the trend possibly started with Hindi movies (Raj Kapoor being one of its earliest effective exponents), it is South Indian cinema that has made the wet saree its own. Entire movies have revolved around the wet saree and women getting wet in rain.

the Telugu "Varsham" and its Tamil remake "Mazhai" is one such example. However, the wet saree has also been used as a non-seductive plot device---the following example is of Shwetha Menon from the Malayalam movie "Samayam" (thanks to shinujohn2010 for letting me know who she was). I have not seen this movie yet, but from what I can gather from the plot the situation is this: Manikyam (Shwetha Menon) is the wife of an irresponsible potter Chathappan who gets into trouble often. Assuredly, this is the case now and Manikyam must rush to the village elders(?) to ask for help. Heavy showers compound the problem.

In this scene, Shwetha is wearing a beige cotton spotted saree with a maroon border and an emerald-green cotton blouse. As befits a village woman, her clothes are slightly worn from regular use and have become softer. As the raindrops envelope her, the slightly thicker blouse absorbs the water and darkens to a mossy shade. Her saree, being thinner, clings to her and gets transparent. Clearly she has chosen the perfect outfit for a runaround on a rainy day!



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